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Canon Birger Mount official installation warranty resolution on RED One Camera
Posted On 01/23/2009 19:37:38 by lotar1

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This Appendix A is made and effective this ____ day of January 2009, by and between Birger Engineering, Inc., (“BIRGER”) a 

Massachusetts Corporation and __________________________________ (“CUSTOMER”). 

WHEREAS, CUSTOMER would like to use a digital cinema camera from Red.com, Inc., (“RED”) with a lens mount system from 

BIRGER, and pursuant to the separately executed agreement between RED and BIRGER, “RED DIGITAL CINEMA and BIRGER 

ENGINEERING MUTUAL STATEMENT OF WARRANTY” (“AGREEMENT”), requests that BIRGER provide notification to 

RED of BIRGER’s approval of installation to maintain the warranty on the CUSTOMER’s RED camera. 

CUSTOMER certifies that he understands the reporting and approval requirement, and warranty implications of the use of the 

BIRGER Lens Mount on a RED Digital Cinema Camera.  CUSTOMER further certifies that he has reviewed the installation 

instructions, and understands the scope of this process. 

1. Removal of the Existing Lens Mount From RED Camera 

CUSTOMER is entitled to remove the front lens mount from his RED camera to the extent required by the assembly instructions 

made available from BIRGER, so long as CUSTOMER notifies BIRGER in writing, and obtains approval by BIRGER as detailed 

in the next paragraph. 

2. CUSTOMER Reporting to BIRGER Requirement 

This document is the form specified as Appendix A in the AGREEMENT.  CUSTOMER shall complete this form and notify 

BIRGER (info@birger.com or FAX +1.617.695.9234) in writing at the time of sale; or for CUSTOMER that placed an order 

prior to 13 January 2009, prior to shipment.  Notification must be given to BIRGER and approval given by BIRGER prior to 

removing the first screw from the RED camera.  If CUSTOMER installed the lens mount prior to 22 December 2008, he may 

provide notification after installation, but not later than 1 March 2009. Only one CUSTOMER notification is required for any given 

camera serial number.  Approval for the CUSTOMER to perform the disassembly of the front lens mount of the RED camera may 

be obtained from BIRGER by attaching a paragraph to this Appendix A stating the CUSTOMER’s qualifications to perform the 

disassembly.  BIRGER shall within 5 business days after receipt of this Appendix A and attached paragraph regarding 

qualifications, provide approval or deny approval for CUSTOMER to perform the disassembly.  If BIRGER denies approval to 

CUSTOMER, CUSTOMER must retain the services of a skilled technician to perform the disassembly.  

3. Installation of the BIRGER Lens Mount Adapter and Lens Mount 

After approval from BIRGER and disassembly is complete, CUSTOMER may install the Cinema Lens Mount adapter from 

BIRGER (part number RD-X-RC1-X) which serves as the interface from the camera to the standard BIRGER lens mounts.  Only 

the Cannon EF mount (RD-EF1-X-X) is currently approved by RED for installation. 

4. Limitation of Liability of RED and BIRGER 

Disassembly of the camera and installation of the Lens Mount Adapter requires technical skill.  If CUSTOMER determines that he 

has the necessary technical skill to perform the installation of the lens mount, he may do so but only after notification and approval 

to do so by BIRGER.  If CUSTOMER fails to obtain approval to install the mount, CUSTOMER must have the mount installed by 

BIRGER or a technician certified by BIRGER.  Neither RED, nor BIRGER, is liable for damage occurring to the camera during 


Providing notification and obtaining approval by BIRGER for CUSTOMER to perform disassembly will allow the cameras reported 

through this process to maintain the warranty and upgrade options available from RED, as per the AGREEMENT.  BIRGER agrees 

to forward this information to RED as detailed in the AGREEMENT. 

CUSTOMER: ____________________________   Camera Serial Number(s):___________________ 

Signature: ____________________________   Date: _________________________________ 

Name/Title: ____________________________   

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