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Old man to win the fans winning lottery 11,610,000
Posted On 05/25/2011 01:24:26 by

buy after winning the premier

buy big lottery sponsored activities are sent to a fiery fan. Wuxi Uncle Zhang is directed at the fans to buy a double ticket 12 yuan, and then use the remaining 3 dollars and buy a note additional. However, this miracle occurred: even although the fans did that, but 3 per ticket in one fell swoop in for a large lottery 11,049 first award, the prize of 11.61 million yuan.

3 元 promiscuous hello in 11,610,000

lottery the day later Uncle Zhang could no wait to retard out the Internet, while you watch the winning numbers, he could not trust their own eyes,EMI Filter, cross-checked several periods ahead I obtained the lottery decided. Excited to watch him the way, the side tracking wife joked namely is not in the more than 1,000 chips ah. Uncle Zhang instantly replied: to, and I and his wife buy a house.

the elemental equitable the electric flare

Right immediately the exclusive province Lottery

this double ticket ambition soon be playing out, unfortunately,Mailer bags, is not the serial number of the final two Seller See Uncle Zhang displeasure, rushed to solace him: While dollars tin not buy this 3 double, random, or you tin buy in Duijiang lobby, Uncle Zhang briefed journalists aboard scene by the time lottery. In this way, a random 3 yuan votes unlocked, and Zhang Grandpa actually should thank the ardent salesman, with this note added votes, he was 1 stroke in the present jackpot, dividend of 11.61 million yuan.

It is understood that Uncle Zhang had bought lottery tickets because years, and the Lottery's Super Lotto 7 is his preference bits, every Random ballot favor a few of note,пресс-форма, yet each time the value is not large, from not more than 10 yuan, in the absnece of any twice votes. But now fans obtain to buy Lotto Uncle Zhang play alternatively quite attractive, at the peak of 6 yards to buy tickets have a accident to double in the electric fan. So in April 30 that day, he single came to 02,777 bargains site,MS Office 2007 Product Key, after thoughtful consultation, took out 15 greenbacks, kick a minimum of 6 yards double addition, which is 12 yuan stamp.


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