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Please attention almost my friends acquaint me!
Posted On 05/25/2011 01:04:02 by
If I dead ? How do you do?Some people query me these days why do have such thoughts? In truth,Buy Lacoste Trainers, I do not know. Because the world is not my nostalgia as the nice. I exist above the edge of the world is just extra! I do not differentiate me the fact should come to this world. As quietly as I came,Lacoste Arin Patent Trainers, You,Lacoste Trainers 2011, for I voicelessly go!
love: the lives of even their own folk who have problems. So what is adore. It does not matter Yeah harm himself. But the impair apt their preference people. His center namely not even painful! Like people are still looked by her merry namely better,Womens Lacoste Shua Trainers!
family: from no grief, nothing, yet a good boy. Boy what purpose. No place in the household. No an in the kin love, but a good dad to me. But the father's competence is restricted. I exist only to send him build up burden. If I disappeared. He may be much easier.
friendship: in reality there are many really good friends. So what good friends. Each have their own friends have their own life. Grow with old. You ambition ascertain the distance among you and your friends will become lighter. So a good friall over my world is just not reliable. Because people are selfish.
go; word to describe: failed. Really failed. Very rich fancy just left the college began to work, but year afterward year. Life is still the same. Future is precarious. Day as the goof. Even the lowest limits of their vision and goals are gone.

friend once told me: Life Do not with others. You just put your day and you come to race with a year ago. If this is progress. That your life is very successful.
But I thought along to his words than I live now not as good as it secondhand to,Lacoste Running Trainers! What is the point of life! What is there in life! Why do people live? Alive on benefit of a very happy? Is decease is very painful? At fewest in my eyes death is now happy and beauteous things,Lacoste Strap Trainers!

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