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Retrieve small smooth classical lines
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humor articles:

1. a sack of diapers over a pot of breast powder more than a hundred, one into a two-way charging, than China Mobile is also hard ah.

2. twenty-five years old, not marital, likely.

3. forty thousand dollars, or your mother, to the sixty thousand that is our mother, if necessary a cent, it is estimated that fuck.

4. I want to enhance life, I do not eat noodles, I want to eat instant noodles!

5. If he has the competence, and I want him for a while, like ancestor, but he would be piglet intestine, do not pull are shuffled up, people are every day, every day he is down.

6. I really adore those twice agency, they can no obstacles to the men in the middle of the shuttle, and that is what the fighters for the revolution ah. A certain kind of mentality as Honghu, like water, can resist air and waves.

7. In fact, locked up in detention centers, is of itself a manner of conservation, as if put out, they might preferably dead than live, at least in prison, the police have annihilated you of culture, while his wife hands - Su Chun Qing has begun in the memories of torture that the altitude ten.

8. Do not say What is done can not be disassembled, you are now the rice boiled popcorn, people still scamper scamper away.

9. literature? Literature is the parsley on the fish. Coriander fish look better. No fish, you eat a plate of parsley forever?

10. Do you think I want to be a bitch Yeah, what woman does not want Yitaiwanfang, the United States and the United States to sit Yeah, what kind of man determine the fate of what you have, what kind of man to marry you what life is. Even if I am a bitch, but also single-handedly trained Su Chun.

11. because the shopping is to women no fewer happy affair for the men, so you can not taper the shopping from the spiritual down to a simple physical level

12. now the cost is not high, only the higher, more constant, build up

13. acre of land two cows, the wife and kids hot white picket fence, but you must have the land Yeah, with the land with livestock to peeve his wife to have children Yes, even the peasants understand about the fact!

14. the greatest tragedy in life is to become the new love, old love, the impulse to become a accustomed

15. What is marriage? marriage is the element corner points. Marriage is leading a poor Youyanjiangcu tea. Marriage is to love the beautiful clawed, scars and stretch marks inside Xiu Xiu

16. stocks also fall and rise, how the property market has been up to it, two days before the news said, the property market may drip, immediately someone to talk out, and said Shanghai's property market is equitable entering the spring, but spring it. . Have risen in such a way, which do not rise into the summer, and we do not all live? I'm not BS-ing!

17. Seaweed: Buddha's quondam lives and 500 of the Review in order to exchange this life pass, past life Looking back 1000 to life in commute for a annual that we two are preordained to meet you prevaricate in mattress, to how many times Looking behind ah? Beckham: We two did not dry final generation what material to support the return.

sensitive articles:

1. What is happiness, happiness is the head of the meat chopsticks, his heart have you, is happiness.

2. happiness is ensured at the end of things, is a trust, is willing to mutual fate. May ordinarily not aware of, but the decisive moment to jump out, make you feel. I always thought my love life have been bald. Su Chun difficulty until I realized we both had the gifted in the same canoe. Gan to say nothing of the same were definitely hard.

3. fell in love with a man then, just one second of time. The train of this love of words, but the whole life. I ask you, do you really want to use your life to train what you just blurted out the word love?

4. a female, ah, which if you have kid, it is not a woman, she is a mother first, followed along the head wolf.

5. You could not believe love, love a woman that all men cheat dupe. What What he did not, she said, sweet point. A man loves a woman, do not say anything before, first brought a great many money, so this woman a sense of security, and then sent to a house, at least you hurt after this woman, however she lost heart , but the availability of her body, which can be cried a man, this is the man to do things.

6. Today's society is too too marble reality, no one will believe that home is important. But I tell you, money can solve all the problems, it is not a big problem. Who this life, there are many problems that can not be solved,Lacoste Finham SPM Trainers, for example ailment and death, for example, deserted, case in point politics, for example, no longer in love. All of this, than the house, ah, ah many more solemn note. One can back a debt of money, but not back the feelings of the debt. Back money to pay off the debt you have wish, and back the emotion of debt to death will probably guilty.

7. Guo algae: Actually I am a little like him, with him, very exciting.

Hai-Ping Guo: stimulating? What motivated you? Stimulation of deceiving you? People, ah, only in the young defiance so profligate youth, so you get to my age you know, ah, there is an honest husband, with an tame child, beneath the premise of a stable home, love it is in their own bed, not in someone's home in bed, worried that at anyone time will be unto them, What is a happy thing.

8. man's personalty is like a war of positions, at all times the presence, even now won, would soon retreat. The woman's possession, when eating bacteria, is the spider network expansion is the expansion of cotton sugarplum, it is the long years, little by little, until finally entirely fraught, so that you can not escape an aboveboard annexation, you have to peruse long copper rust, you will understand. Copper is a man, a woman is the oxidize in the end, all the rust color will cover the bronze.

9. do women have their good points, also eat well, nectar well, play well. If not detailed out of the event, variant woman will be capable to spend the money we save, we accumulate living room, we slept with her husband to save, but we feel bad for newborn to play.

10. a blooming girl, a hike with me now, from the flowers in full bloom, and now haggard, although she bad temper, but it is not her mistake, is forced by pressure of life, if she went out a motorcar, back to Families servant, give me face to see it? In the huge cities full of matter solaces, she is compliant to follow me, nothing of such a person, I should be thankful to her, her tolerance, love her, make her happy.

Living in China:

1. all of the ideal ring involving money are shining before, at all times one involving money, the ideal becomes a dream.

2. consumption, in line to the U.S. and Europe, revenue, to the Philadelphia line, called a full scope of three-dimensional integration, the left led by Huang, Cang capture the right, a little hand holding developed countries, a small hand tugged backward countries, the middle of the world the power to do that the most middle lesson.

3. Haiping has finally entered the 'millions of negative Weng' ranks, and now the utmost poverty, but likewise miserable than to be robbers looted, even now a robber, is nothing but emptying your pockets, but now booing, even the psyche been emptied.

4. a person's large, is not to say how many you make a contribution apt society, you have fulfilled much, merely when you face temptation, understand how to give up.

5. seaweed suddenly realized one thing, fifty greenbacks and five hundred dollars underwear underwear, in core, is the feud - women and in sex.

6. we are idle? We Chinese people how to be more hard-working hard working, compared the Japanese with you, the reason we are not so perfected, not because we are slothful, but because we do not raid. If we like you, the entire of Asia against an empty, appropriated all the good things of others, then we would have amplified it!

7. this woman is really better than men, men married after the end also know thattheir parents or a membership of the family, such as women, put their marriage instantly after the kick, and their own interests in a small house, really is made of Chinese personas a point, a woman married, a home, is married, is someone else out.

8. love someone, let her give you a baby, and then the blood of the two of us, watering the flowers this one, so we never separated.

9. people, ah, not to say that you do not slip no wastage meters, at a time you have rice warehouse, weasels, mice, fowl Gesanchawu to preoccupied about, how I save a little difficult to do so? Changes in the arrange will never catch up fast, always a little morsel of difference in that a little bit.

10. people body and idea tin be separated, even now you love a person in spirit, but the flesh is not obedient to him. The meat is quite shameless shameless greed, the rapacity of the meat before, the spirit will appear quite small. I always muse that money is only one direction, but not as the ultimate goal, to do neat administration cozy,Lacoste Running Trainers, but won a good reputation after decease. The officials do a good job is tough, for your duty is not to blog a nice reputation for posterity, but to and actually do someone. Immune to the sound noble, is very ignorant, do not know how flexible a person, a bad savor do not know how to meet people who can not survive in this world, if the world is drunk I alone am sober, so crazy is their own. Today's society, you do not know, and not backdrop, merely to be bullied were ah!

11. Once you have chosen a man with the conditions will be frenzied counterattack, they make up for missing that chapter. Sentimental maximum people you think, ah, the hormone is the strongest time of the Depression, when everything you want, nothing, money money, no position to position, the right not to be right, can prop a pretty good . Can now scatter the joy like a dog, the animal of pillage off the repose of my life, once the conditions have been chosen, why not dream of it when the accomplishments of youth.

philosophical articles:

1. I say the explosion is a strength of the savings, is a power prance, a potential to explore, like uranium, as you did before the launch, how can you know what the nuclear kinetic stamina?

2. People, charity, is because they have more than the cost. Is that people get greedy too easy.

3. every man will be blunders, but the envy of youth into medium old, to the success of the admirers of the bear, to the summit of life, the pursuit of happiness again.

4. is like the Titanic, the warship sank, you can be recycled, copy, the article can be spread. But the death of those people? As early as the fish were fed the sea.

5. Many times, life was so disappointed in you can look forward to, but inadvertently missed the opportunity,

6. We must put an end to drugs, because once this ultimate happiness, could be so simple to get it, you will not get through the efforts of additional amused happiness. If everyone's happy, so simple you can get, you still looking for love? You will also work hard? You will also feel sorrowful because you have lost it? Will not.

7. this world, nothing is not negotiable, there is always a opener to open both doors, but periodically they like to put their keys, like a treasure of secluded, in truth you do not open the door to let others in, you can not obtain out. I was standing outside, find the key, open the sides of the door, give them to construct a outlet, then what we need. Only one-way street merchants, and I overpass.

8. In our surround, this has, that there is, I do not, soon will be expelled to go, slowly will be marginalized. You're running, you must abide by the unspoken rules here, if you do not follow the unspoken rules, others will not remedy you as a friend. Will discourage you, carrying you, this is the reason I have to collect the money.

9. Men do not do something pretty nice is one entity to say is pretty certain; women are not sordid sordid is one thing and act must be agreeable, this is the rules of survival.

10. Murder of time is the best way to work.

11. You are my husband, I want to, not how pretty you are influential, how their lives alone. People that are looking to the outside. I want is age, having a partner, the child has a father. However,Lacoste Zepher MR2 Trainers, now I know, I pay the ten years to get antique after not have their own joint assist with the people towards the graveyard, but it is for others to do the {awake|awake}. I spent the Ku Jin, willing to quit to future generations. Song Siming, you said you came back, I'll see your smelly face. Yes. Indeed, because I can not laugh. I get up up every a.m., the pillow is watery, my center is chilly, the room is empty, then I'll come back groveling at your apply you, please you, manufacturers like you? I can not. The two of us, good terms. I will not impeach you of how merciless, how ungrateful, how rapid and loose, because the woman of my age, early in the know, men are the same, when necessary stepping stone to a juvenile, middle-aged when the need for booster in his after years when the need for basis walking mallet. I deserve to own a stepping stone. I can not complain. However, amuse do not average on top of the ruthless, the department also avoid family responsibilities to my head. Do not love is not love, and speak approximately right and erroneous, who talk about who is negative. But do not let the label affixed morality.

12. the world is you and me a woman thinks more oxen, men are crazy, I took him to pack a decent, and he went out scenery, another woman saw him, but also grace and warm as soon as there is heat , which want to get behind a woman overworked.

13. I planted watermelons for 20 years, to the crop season, abruptly harvested by others, on what root it! If a man is also your home so you can wave my sleeve, do not take a smoke ?

14. If time could rotate the clock back, I should have been to another life, not too wealthy, thinking with marts every day for the periodical, comments were drastic controversies with titles, enough to test into a good educate for her daughter and worried. Perhaps this is a happy life, but I did not achieve before.

15. between this thing ah, you have to constantly migrate. The more intertwined the more dynamic it is, the more intertwined in the pan you're putrid. Should always differentiate you and me, zoning out. Each time, you have to take the time to settle, is often deserving to. Also owed much to worry about, he is to do something for you to do, do, or do ten ah. And so do the last, he saw your head to hurt,Lacoste Camden Trainers, then you win, to the wind was the wind, to rain the rain.

16. In this world, full of landmines. Accidentally trod on, particularly in peacetime.

17. originally after the bright lights, is tattered clothes. International city like a stage, the spotlight has focused on each light where the spectators can watch, is brilliant gorgeous spectacular surge. Corner for the light not bright, even if there are dust, and even die mice, who pay consideration to it?

18. the spirit of the road guiding to a lot of material is one of them.

19. Every night, I sat by the skylight, looking out the lights, I would like the city more splendid by ah! How numerous people, there are many varieties of life. The lives of others I do not know, but me? Opened his eyes each day, there is a string of numbers pop out of my mind, the mortgage or 6 thousand, two thousand and 5 food and clothing in degrees, slowly fifteen in kindergarten, human contacts 6, five hundred and eighty transmission, property management, 3 or 4 hundred , mobile phone charges 2 and a half, there are more than 2 gas utilities. That is, from my first expiration since waking, and I stand to gain by fewest four hundred a daytime, this is my price of living in the city. These figures coerced me to not slack off all day, no time to ponder the next decade. What am I to the future, my future in the present, in the eyes.

20. the day to go shopping with my mother, in fact, we do not have to go, the crowd pushed us to move amenable, I do not go will not work, want to stop and not work, I laughed when I said this is our lives, no time to reflect, there is no decision to just mess their way of being shoved forward, when I was young the ideals on where to go? my ideal, it was deduced that the stream of rush-free Shadow without a track, is ah, I have to insist that the conviction of mind, resolved young to be this child, by family, by work, by the house, is not tempered in real life ... in fact, many left a little when I was of rule, I do not want a shortcut, I do not want to opportunistic, but anytime I see those as good as my people, because before I jump the queue to get tickets, who better to me, because to give up the principle and ten provinces years of struggle, I do not really convinced. Sometimes I'm in doubt, I insist in the end the child is right or wrong? I even blame the society, why are so unjust, why do not we have rules to follow, there are moments of not abiding by them, why do we suffer these Cincinnati snails suffer conscientious hard? This two day, I see some investment in the writing, in fact, I have not invested much money, I just want to how I do this not to devalue the money, I think this is probably this alarm in the city of all, we all worried, get afraid of losing, did not want to get owned. Later I base in a writing called Buffett's words: always insist on the concept of worth investing. He said that regardless of any age, any society under any economic surroundings, is always greater than the risk of speculative investment, he said, maybe the short term, you might make a speculative profit a lot,Lacoste Arixia FD Trainers, but in the long run, any will result in a speculative bets are off, but not the same investment, the investment is at the peak of you cling to the value for money, eventually it will multiplication value and prolific. I think he is quite justified in words. My understanding is that, at all times you have belief, the pursuit, as long as you insist, you jump to drift stronger take them far, done nothing wrong

21. Human life is a fluctuating curve, sometimes lofty, sometimes low. Low when you should be happy because soon go high, but the high is very hazardous when in fact, you can not see coming trough.

22. If my life is favor a roll of tape, I have to ascertain a phase when I was 22-year-old tape, I have to re-re-broadcast anew. At that period I ambition choose love and I return home, buy a modest tiny house, and my children, and my dad and mom live attach in truce safe in. May be namely life is what I ambition, favor a film in slow motion for easy as

23. Guo: You first see a snail, what are you thinking?

Song: I'm worried ah its benefit, it is so slow, so small, so weak, the complex worlds required in the walk at their own pace, whoever the footsteps of an aim to step it will flat, and I am very reluctant.

Guo: I did not anticipate people like you so rigid, there will be such a soft heart.

Song: It should be said to be weak. In fact most of the time, we all like this, like a snail, carrying a massive shell, slowly crawling. I sometimes wonder if the snail without a shell, it will fly like a bird in the sky? Or cruising in the water like a fish? But it is snails, can only creep.

Guo: You know what? Asked the mother of a small snail problem, it inquired why we were nativity, we should carry such a heavy hard shell? Mother said, because our body does not skeletal support, and slow climb, so we need a shell to defend our na. Asked a small snail, but it did not caterpillars sister bones, and slow mount, and why it will not carry such a heavy and strict shell you? Mom said, because her sister could turn into a butterfly caterpillars Yeah, the sky will defend it. Snail said, it began to worm his sibling will not turn into butterflies, then why it will not carry such a heavy and strict shell you? Mother said, because the brother will drill soil earthworm, the world will protect it. Snail cry,Lacoste Tennis Trainers, it said na we are so penniless. The sky does not protect us, the earth does not protect us. Do you think how to answer it snail mother?

Song: how to reply it?

Guo: Mom says we have shells, we do not depend on climate does not rely on, we rely on their own.

ask: If it entire on their own, we can escape the destiny hug you cry?

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