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Her daughter and daughter made the difference! Man must see - Qzone log
Posted On 05/24/2011 22:37:01 by
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ladies in particular a more detailed reading, endless benefits for life! Like him to understand her husband watching his wife, the wife is reading the very same feeling?

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fourteen, my mother raised you put up with hardships, but also pick up you can not handle; one to her mother at home, you have to replace her raise their son to wait on her, a little not, you will become the target of public criticism.
fifteen, my mother never cared about her daughter's husband does not help her cook the dishes, her mother finally watch his son's wife had no cooking dishes.
sixteen, my mother did people who only know their daughter is difficult, in others, the daughter of a wife at home more difficult to do; but became a grandmother and mother who has not thought about, in their own homes to do the same woman wife hard.

one roof mother's mouth, my mother suddenly forget; the top of my mother's lips, a lifetime in mind
Second, my mother cut fruit for you to eat, go with the flow; you eat cut fruits to her mother, of course < br> c, hungry, my mother cooked meals for you to eat, it is natural; mother cook meals for you to eat, it is lack of filial piety
four, dinner time, forgot to call my mother to eat,paul smith sale, all right; forgot to call her mother to eat , rude
five, my mother is busy, you do not help, no how; her mother is busy, you do not help, skin itching
in six, in the mother at home, work out,juicy couture tracksuits, do not go home, just waiting to eat ; in-laws, work out, go home cooking; mother lecture, one ear and out, lecturing her mother, psychological disapproval also answer ... Yes, yes
seven, did not travel with the mother, no one said you filial; but not with her mother, but someone said you had
filial eight, you can say your husband is not my mother before, but do not complain in front of your mother your husband does not
nine, in front of mother, lazy peace of mind; In front of her mother,ed hardy tanks, the Your happiness, my mother care about; but the mother, this is difficult to assess the
second, in front of mother Dunjiao is spoiled; in front of Dunjiao mother is outrageous
thirteen, my mother to help her daughter birthday ; daughter is helping her mother birthday

the dialogue of two mother ~
against neighbor, a mother said: I am the wife, lazy,christian Louboutin Pumps, sleeping until noon, the family did not do,christian audigier watches, something has to give her room to get my son to eat, was really too far
neighbor asked her: to marry your daughter's pretty good, right?
who her mother says: ah, over a very happy it, we are all very good to her, do not do housework, holidays are around to play, you can sleep till noon, will cook to your room son to My daughter is going to eat!

please picky daughter when her mother think of the world do people own daughter's difficult to do other people think about their own daughter, wife of the more difficult; please think about your life husband wife mother do when your grandmother's hard, and I think If they have a daughter to someone else to do at home wife so there will be more difficult

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