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If I want you - Qzone log
Posted On 05/24/2011 22:36:02 by
,ed hardy tanks

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if I want you I will be pulling out the phone to see if there your messages,paul smith sale, even though I know that chance is so,christian Louboutin Pumps, slim ...

if I want you,ralph lauren sweats, I would use the thumb on the phone to lay a series of greetings rapid, and finally they did not press the send key. Just afraid to disturb you ...

if I want you,christian audigier watches, I will open our chats look ~ No matter what kind of dialogue, always a kind of sweet feeling ... like ... chocolate flavor

if I want you, I will put into the far away look. . Did not know was thinking ...

if I want you, I would think, would you be like me? Even if only for a second time ...

If I want you in the evening to do a hazy dream of you. . I do not want to wake up. . Just afraid,juicy couture tracksuits, a dream when I wake up, you will leave ....


if I want you, I will take a deep breath, the smell filled the air with my thoughts of inhaling from the heart of the recent local ;

if I want you, I will miss for for the notes, it reveals the fingertips

if I want you, I will look in the mirror, I look forward to this, so you can match .

I think ... I'm addicted ... addictive .... miss you ....


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