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Which of your soul is the color - Qzone log
Posted On 05/24/2011 22:34:34 by

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Reprinted from 810303117 at 22:55 on November 3, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary I was purple, you?
each person in the womb from the moment to bring a unique color of energy, the colors mixed with your personality, emotions, thoughts, and all sorts of unconscious responses to it, the colors of energy everywhere, and we each also presents a variety of personal charm to, then your soul, what color is it?
test: If you and your group of friends to explore the forest, did not expect to encounter a fog dispersed way, but only left you alone in the woods, you feel very frightened. At this time, a fairy appeared in front of you, she said:
A, bronze mirrors
B, apples
C, hawthorn
D, species
E, whistle
F, pumpkin flower
G, Crystal
election good? See answer to that!
A, select the bronze mirror of your soul
color: white - naturally introverted and introspective
bright, pure, pure, idealistic, a white man with the characteristics of the soul. In the very young, you know suffer, the overall situation, in my youth, the white soul of the people to want to hide their own talent, because too much talent and merit, for you, sometimes it seems that the heavy burden. In fact, understanding the white soul of the people, often parents or friends, favorite objects, all things to the hands of the white soul, will a rational, objective way of doing things to make things even more successful.
B, select the apples of your soul
Color: Yellow - in laughter and tears have to find a balance
soul of gold like the sun, just like social circle or friends in the eyes of a small sun,christian Louboutin Pumps, good manufacturing laughter and tears, you will always be at the appropriate time to put aside all worries, revealing smile; However,ralph lauren sweats, behind the laughter, with a yellow soul of the people there will always be a little bit restless, and unwilling to be overwhelmed public anxiety component, and sometimes, too many smart people in the eyes of your sophistry is often a master, or there are too many complaints and angry youth of anxiety, these qualities the soul of those in the yellow body, is often compared with each other save yo!
C,juicy couture tracksuits, choose your
soul Hawthorn Color: Red - Ganaiganhen
, slightly do to send a strong outgoing, lively and highly dominated you,christian audigier watches, born with a warm personality, likes to act as the soul of the dominant, as long as you are of the occasion, definitely have a bustling atmosphere and exciting subject, you for the material,paul smith sale, money or love, have a strong desire and demand, sometimes very impulsive, easily temperamental, who do not like people and things, full of aggressive and offensive, so just like the soul of nature, like a sudden storm, more urgent but also goes fast, slow down their pace, if appropriate, you will be more happy.
D, select the species you
soul color: green - no chance to give love without regret
generous sensibility to take care of you like a strong person or a Big Sister, in fact,ed hardy tanks, your very strong desire to control your desire for freedom crazy lifestyle, fear of losing the ability to control the situation, in the green soul of the people is to have inherent qualities, in addition, has a green soul of the people always love to take care of others ways to approach the object of love, whether it is daily life, eating habits are so Oh! Sometimes, you really like a prophet, as in some cases can also act as an arbitrator or peacemaker role in it!
E, select the whistle you
Soul Color: Blue - always over-suppress their true thoughts
life skills sleek, introverted personality, smart and full of networking skills, which are the soul of a blue presented the characteristics of people. You always know what to do next, how do these because you may have a good sample for their actions in mind it! Have a blue soul in order to achieve goals often hard to suppress their emotions, of course, is you always feel a bit sad cause an important reason, in your appearance that humorous, in fact, a solitary but not hide to help the heart yo!
F, select your
soul pumpkin flower color: orange - attentive, quick thinking
orange has a strong intuitive soul who is always hovering in the self joy and create their own panic among you enjoy and for sensory stimulation than any other type of person is always required much more Oh! Orange soul has always put forth his true thoughts and feelings of the most fully manifested, therefore, have achieved a lot of orange soul artists and inventors, we can see in you a kind of philosophy or belief the power of perseverance, the ideal live, in order to live their lives is the soul of those orange practice is not incompatible with belief in life Oh!
G, choose your
Soul Crystal Color: Purple - easy to fall into the mood of the seamless belt is sensitive
mysterious representative of purple, with purple soul of the people of various supernatural phenomena, the ancient particularly interested in the legend, purple soul may stray from a very young, when there is the idea of living alone, and sometimes even a tendency to escape from the reality that there Oh! Therefore, you know true love since the day, it would be the world's touching love story of curious, often imagine that he is the protagonist of the story, so that is very easy for their emotions into a low state, you The heart is always hovering between heaven and hell.

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