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You know, he was gone she - Qzone log
Posted On 05/24/2011 22:33:35 by

Reprinted from 1009307782 at 10:16 on May 26, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary do not know love every one understand love who will meet the people that know love will make the changes that do not know love.
let him grow up so he knows how to love the value of love to understand the meaning of love.
But that learned to love a man to understand the time.
taught him that people understand love black and blue have been injured after his love piercing.
when that person aware of the value after the black and blue that people have no ability to love again.
We must learn to cherish learn to cherish the people around that love you.
that you learn to cherish the side of his temper, yelling after.
learn to cherish the many times you hurt again,ed hardy tanks, one out away from the house many times after the
still left around you who you greetings ..
we tend to want to pursue a very empty feeling, very ethereal feel.
When asked what his specific kind of feeling that could not have put the time came.
actually think we're really funny,christian Louboutin Pumps, broke the plain do not cherish.
hand to find those who feel out of thin air fantasies outlined heart feel?
then think about people who love you.
tired to make you happy even to the fall have to adhere to do something.
see you and chat with the opposite sex is obviously very angry and jealous,juicy couture tracksuits, but also accompanied laughs with you.
see the time when the heart Is not it? So what we have called the feeling of it.
Fact some sense out of all we do is sometimes implied
subconscious fact,paul smith sale, every understand love who has ever hurt a person understand love.
have been lost treasure of the people have to understand too late that they hurt the other side too.
So when they learned to love the time.
teach his people have no strength to love will no longer do not let his heart thing and then have the courage to share with him a rare treasure of love.
fact Aihenjiandan also very practical.
he is definitely not a fleeting feeling.
he is every a heart out of people to create a feeling.
maternal love is great, and in some cases that the person of another person's love can be just as great with the motherly love.
Please treasure that has not hurt by your ignorance people to leave.
you know the meaning of love earlier.
we fight,ralph lauren sweats, please do not break up easily.
when we do not use a joke to break up the topic as a joke.
nails with to the wound will not heal.
then please use our to learn to love and cherish the love you return the person to teach you understand love.
greedy, do not continue to look for a better under wheat.
Remember that harm others and also hurt himself.
of love we have to learn to be satisfied.
to be with a forgiving heart to accept something you love.
learn to love,christian audigier watches, treasure and care are people who love you no regrets.
Who says youth can not be wrong, tears are not willing to bow ...
all day talking to feel them, please take a look around as you pay your people.
this The heart is far beyond the kind of ethereal to heart.
behind them to think about how many disappointments you shed tears.
they love to let you know how to pay many times on the feelings of others. < br> They do not complain because they know they also love a time from over.
they want with their own efforts to understand the love of rendering that person wanted him to know love, met a love themselves , how hard to come by.
not want to teach them to cherish cherish cherish their hard-won love it.
because each language would inadvertently hurt the people that love you.
around you who cherish the quiet time for you people.

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