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━ 【a rogue and a description of xiao 'sister' story】 - Qzone log
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she is a prostitute - female. a very beautiful. low educational level prostitutes - women.

I'm a gangster. a pretended Since that very clever kind of rogue.

by selling her - prostitution to make money.

I was the entertainment in the city where she was a , which is a watchdog.

we live, to live. No ideal, no goal,juicy couture tracksuits, no pursuit. At least I think so, because I'm a gangster.

stay with us. She and I together because I was alone, she was in a foreign country is a big tree to shelter, after all, she is a woman, need a can rely on his chest. I'm with her because I I do not begrudge her, because she is a prostitute, degrading prostitutes. I am also the acceptance of reasonable peace of mind, because I am a rogue, shameless rogue. Ruthless gangsters, prostitutes without love. I know she knows. No one can put up with his wife was a prostitute, unless he knew nothing of what she had. At least I think so, the rogue is human. And we are still together.

because she hit me and another frame, hurt, and hurt badly. Fight for me, as a day to wash up, is a habit. Injuries are frequent. She cried in the hospital, she said I am silly. I said as long as I am, I will not let anyone hurt you, for you I can do anything. She moved cried. In fact it? I fight to defend the rogue because of She was my woman, my woman move is obviously uncontrollable acts of provocation to me. How can I let go? Otherwise, how could mix in future? Why do I say? Joke, this place I'm sure every man who will say so. I'm not lying genius, but when she is in love with the fool.

I am addicted to gambling by nature, nothing. I live in her place, the same parasite. It was her rented a single apartment, only 30 square meters, two people have been admitted to the opinions appeared to be very crowded. I moved in. She also wanted me to, she said a man regarded as home, she said liked the house, only to return She asked me if I like her, she would too dirty? I said like, not dislike. Pocketed the money to stay for another two years, she said, quit, leave the dirty city, as long as me to go there all right, lead a normal life. I said yes. In my opinion, she is the brain is a problem. Prostitutes may live a normal life? Maybe. Flow rogue can it? Maybe. With prostitutes and gangsters can live a normal life? No.

she is mine. I eat and drink for her, shoes, clothes, belt, and even their belts and socks are bought her for me. She looks very spirit of the day off work if you please, then cook a meal for me But I still eat a lot, put on a look that is enjoying delicious. She also took me shopping, this is her hobby, woman like this. I am disgusted with shopping,christian Louboutin Pumps, men are like this. They are able to push to push, can drag on drag,paul smith sale, it become obvious to go half-hearted about. She does not like to buy cosmetics, but that is wrapping the body betrayed her, she must buy. She like kids like to buy a doll or something like Teddy Bear, originally did not spacious room was almost filled with these strange things, and every order she takes this pile of toys, a lot of time, but she was fun them. She also likes to buy some as the same as housewares housewives, and even the selection of clothes for me has become a hobby for her. I was helpless to buy something she always like to ask my opinion. I only said the right, well, pretty. Anyway, I did not pay for this poor wretch, whatever her. The most ridiculous is the time she actually took me to the wedding photos. Put on wedding, no one knew she was a prostitute, and she like a real bride.

Every time we finished she always liked me in his arms, lying on my chest slowly to sleep. I asked, and others do not have this? She said that cut, it is not miles. Who believe ah?

I am not very concerned about her. Rarely asked about her life, She would not mention it before her only a vague understanding that she was born in a small town, there is a beast stepfather, she escaped. She said and I just feel happy together, and only feel cool and I love it, and I am .... I was her in the city, the world's only relatives, she can not live without me. I said I was. I said I love you always. She asked really? I always say .... she asked how far I said ....。

money I am to her hand. Once, I said ..... she gave.

several times, I said ... she said no. I said .... she said no. I said .... she gave.

N times, I said ... she said no. I said .... she said no. I said .... not fooled, she said.

I say ... I say .... I say .... she had to give.

We live a long time. I did not expect. Probably because she was too conniving me. As long as she can do the request will promise me,christian audigier watches, money, body. But time for me on her body has lost interest, and only money. I feel I can not do without her,ed hardy tanks, so her attitude and start simply the difference between heaven and hell. Not to say sweet, do not eat her food, not shopping with her, not abusive for no reason ..... beaten to money, and even had to fight her half to death, often away with her woman home for the night. Once she was pregnant, that is me. Did want to say no, to be born. I rely on, a joke, it might have 100 father, are you? You quit? I lost so much money expect nothing Fan Ben? I do not deny, but said it must be destroyed. She was reluctant, but went anyway. Later I found out that she did not fight, I was annoyed and said how do you determine me? Born to do, she said firmly, I said no, she insisted. I called her, desperate to beat her in the stomach, forced to pull her, to coax her to go to the rhetoric of abortion, the doctor said that is dangerous too late .... shot. Because many of the abortion, her life unable to bear children. She cried very sad, I coax a full three or four days. Not long before I hit her on the grounds that you do not

not short of money, I rarely go to her. She also said to leave me, but I always stand up to sweet talk and threats, she can not do without me, and look forward to my change of heart. She gave me like a gambler, knowing that had no hope but hope for a miracle to happen.

Soon, I entered. Four years. Damage, rogue ... Law to a number of small crimes, four years.

I regret it. People come to regret.

how far out four years? See how you too. Here, four years is longer than you. Do not believe you can go try.

here what to look for? Why live? 1 2 release from prison sentence was to visit 3. I have a family, I sentenced to 4 years they are very angry. If the death penalty I think they will open over the pages of Champagne to celebrate. Although there are friends, is but a year or so. She often came to see me only as distant, and she can only come once a month early. Her, smoke, eat, use ... natural and ultimately, so when she comes to me just like the goddess of hope. At that time, I told her to do the most in-depth review, so I said it, be sure to bring you a better life. He said

No. I went to work. Fools do not want to come out. No treatment of labor in the fast commutation of good taste, there is fat to eat, there is an allowance, you can buy two Heyan smoke. We often work out, enjoy the sun and breeze. Inside you can enjoy But that was in the room like a cage, who circle like a field in which the same animals, the purpose was afraid that we moldy long hair.

But now I know how valuable it is. Even a beggar are worthy of my envy, longing for the freedom of life. I think a lot on the inside, looking forward to I really want to do good

out soon. I have a good mix in there. I am battle instrument, every time she brought me, it all part of it down, and never bully others, would not allow others to bully people. They envy me, that I blessed. Their wives, one-tenth of a woman, as she also live together for a while. I am proud. I look forward to her. They are also, with her money, I looked to friends to help me clear, I cut the line three times, six months ahead out.

we still live together. But this time I have to go straight. She is still doing the prostitutes, and strive to earn the money. I sold her body for the past few years for my savings and used the East by the West Cou soon bought 10 million trucks, run short. I try my hardest to run, irregular sleep, I lost 20 pounds thinner, only the money for the earlier car (sold as part of her body part of all the savings to her friends) and my gambling debts (those who love me I loved ones) is also on. We find ways to save money, she does not like shopping in, even when she was eating dinner a little bit, an excuse to lose weight, have left me, said she knew a long time is very consuming effort of driving. During that time,ralph lauren sweats, although bitter, but the happiest of our lives for some time. I said I insisted we fly away 2 years.

vehicles bought, and I moved out from her. I can not stand the hard life, because I was a rascal. Blessed not to enjoy, so why bother? Pay back the money? Hell with it.

hand, I go around a little bit of speculative capital, and sewing. As long as the money, I do anything, the sky for trouble if it is a small non-rogue thing to do, a lot older then profligates it purely a fool. People over 30 days over lunch, I can not miss this man's life, After a little effort, I have a harvest, if you do not pay back the money, I can have quite a rich life of debauchery of the day. She often came to me, but made no mention of pay back the money thing. I tried to alienate her, might be a good day just want to kick her foot and saw she was uncomfortable, the air is full of dirty rancid taste, and my heart can not tell the bored. She noticed the. How can she? This is just my nature may be, and I have also had their own blame, but that has not changed. Until one day I'm sick, and hit her. She cried, called me not a man, beast dog ate conscience.

I'm in love with a girl. Because she has a huge family, she is my way of getting money for a lucky star. But one day this girl said to me unknown reason and broke up. Asked several times after that she came to all my past were all told her. I'm mad. I went to see her. Entertainment City, said she did not come to work for a long time.

I went back Did not come back too long, but still did not change the lock. I use the original key to open the door, the house a mess, and full of alcohol, cigarette smoke mixed perfume taste. She lay there watching TV, was the gaunt physique. I also think she is poor even after all the money she used for all youth take in my body. Prostitutes in the past few years has destroyed her life, body and soul, and I was deep in her heart stabbed a knife. I have some guilt, she is my cause, after all, not conscience, all eaten by dogs.

she saw me, and seemed very surprised to know I have not eaten dinner when she was very happy for me. I explained what he wanted in the kitchen, we have a falling out. I said she destroyed my future, she said I ruined her life. She shouted to me, saying how much I paid for how much pressure these bonds to how her ex-off ... and my righteousness to be decided, and I'll have to pay back the money to her.

I originally wanted the money back to her, as to live together, it is not possible, maybe I will give her material compensation. But I was infuriated to break her head with the cup, saying that money back? You lend me the certificate it? She was ignorant, and say no to pay back the money to successfully sued. I say go. You to sue me, I'll wait for you, and slamming doors and walking. In my current relationships, to field weak woman she can Bandao me? Point of the joke, right?

people die like a dog I'm still alive. Before the people called I mixed with high society. Heibailiangdao mix would have a look, she did not tell me, did not then come to me, make me busy not open her heart, a forgotten corner.

the banquet, she came. She is not as appearance, disheveled hair, black eye over the end grain with a deep, fast on his head cloth dirty drugs come angry. She came to trouble me. Cried shouting, lifting table, kicking the chair, I will be discredited by a few of the cursed, who stopped Mashui to the street, to a shrew, curses, waiting for me to beat her. The presence of a head are some of the elite. Can I start it? I do not know what to do awkward, forced to pull her out.

she came to me once, in the street. I did not hit her. Not want, can not, because the identity.

I took 80,000 dollars to find her. She still lives there, the lock is still no change. I recently she huddled in the corner, covered with a thick quilt, the head is gone replaced by a drug distribution ugly scars. She knew by the way made me feel ridiculous. I threw the money on her was that the money I'll pay you, you Do not trouble me, you how much money I'll make you. Having turned away. She hit me with a money back of the head, the skies were, indifferent to say the money you remarkable? You owe me a forever ....

not clear she did not really come see me.

I was looking for a few women. Care about my life experience the rich and poor care of my property. They are very sophisticated, I think there is only 16,7 girl was simply lovely. But I have 30 years old.

I was a fraud. I have been cheated when the brothers were almost half of my property. Since then, I do not believe that any feelings, it is merely in the interests of the establishment.

I was sick. Although many people look at me. But they are working from, the hypocrisy of greeting is not my need. What I need is a real concern, from the heart. I felt that I, some alone. I think of her, but I am rational, I know we will not have good results together.

I went to her once, with four million units. I'm not too well-off after being cheated, but that I will feel at ease some. This time she said nothing. But she did not look at the money.

I thought from over. But it is not. There she goes again. I was to accompany guests to dinner. I was very surprised.

She still some dirty, do not see any expression on her face. She did not come to trouble me. But I'm afraid what her sudden or forced to draw her out. She and I talked a lot, but she seemed not to listen. I also repeat that, suddenly appeared in her hand a shining knife, waving to me, and said to kill me. Dagger can be life-threatening, but she was a woman. She was just waving to me. I was sudden, she scratched. But she was my down to the ground. I start with very heavy. Because I only care about themselves, care about their own lives. She can not hurt me. She committed suicide. Cut wrist, and prevent any person waving a knife around. The blood flow to the ground.

the presence of people were stunned, me too. Went so far as that moment I knew I was willing to hurt their own lives.

I rushed up, she just grabbed a few scratches her knife. Wan hold her hand, and chicken will be almost as thin light of her anti-shoulders, only one thought, to the hospital. Walked in front of my car, I found I could not drive, because I have to hold her hand wound. A hand car? No, she will not obediently and I went to the hospital. I stopped a few times rent, but who would dare to pull the blood of two bloodied people on the bus? I still carrying the knife that may be too nervous I forget to throw away.

I was crazy. Thanks to a well-traveled corners of friends to set me free.

in the hospital she still refused to cooperate with treatment, was forcibly injected with calm crowd ....

The next time, I gave up working every day with her fear that she do something stupid. But our little talk. Because I do not want to cheat her, do not tell lies, naturally nothing to say. I have not said the truth was. I just want to use the actions that I have to accept you.

I say you I'll take you for a recovery run away. She laughed and said you are willing to give up the achievements of the present and I went to a strange place to start? I said, willing, and she laughed again. I said, believe me, I will not hurt you, I'll take you, life with you, give me another chance, the last time. She was happy smile, laugh I know what to do.

she has nearly recovered, look good, feel bad.

a lot of money buying and selling to large, but I did not do it, still with her. She advised me to let me go to work, do not worry about her, but she was on impulse. I said wait for me to pick you up and discharged.

discharged that day, I pick her up, the nurse told me that she left the morning. I asked and who the nurse is a person walking. Her back

I went back Said the landlord did not pay rent for a long time, and asked me if I have to afford to live .... I looked for her, but she disappeared as the evaporated. Maybe she was going to relax, she will come back, I know her.

I find nurses, asked her to stay away what is not? Nurse shook his head.

I think she'll be back, I know her.

I'm back among the busy work, but all the time worried about her.

a long time, I should be back That become very tidy home, clean up is also spotless. I am excited that she came back! I am

but she has not been seen again.

me down, and have thought to find, where the vast sea of people looking for?

I developed, but the more rich, I will feel more empty. I discovered that I really have nothing. I was alone. I can not afford the more lonely. I do not want her to, but more so, the shadow of her more around me. The more time, the more feel lonely, I'm like a lost soul, body, mechanical life, work hard, keep the money, make money, not to be retired and sit, numb with alcohol and cigarettes, paralysis of their own.

she has not come back. I may not know her? She just leave it? Nothing left to go? Even if a note was left. She went there? That the city can be like a woman take her? Did not rely on her to the right? Is not also be deceived ....

can no longer deceive ourselves. I need her. I went to see her, she was born in the town. It was a very big town. I found his home, but I saw the beast of his stepfather. I did not hit him, because he has a very bad old man. Maybe I will not be long before this.

I even found fraud on me, but could not find her. I bought the original that means Almost every day I go there once, for that potted plant watering, hopefully open the door every time my hand would tremble, the door opened, everything inside is all original, but I have to search over the pages, I want to find a trace of excitement traces. In addition to disappointment is helpless.

just lost treasure. Only people who have lost will understand my feelings. I want to say: If God gave me a chance came from the heart .... but I will say that I can never.

I owe her, as she said, I do not play, ever. This debt pressure, I can not breathe.

flowers died, died of unknown causes. Yesterday completed the process. I begged the owner let me stay in a night. Last night.

computer, Qiao Wan this word, the days are bright. The true dawn early ah. I have to leave.

alone, is God punishing me, I plead guilty. I am alone in life. Not finished forever saddled with debt.

I want to ask you is this: If you live in such a woman, you marry her wife?

1: will

2: not

3: speechless. Do not know answer

I am addicted to gambling

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