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Selling more than 50 countries export natural air food
Posted On 05/24/2011 22:31:40 by

30 bags 包邮, except in remote areas

100% natural, fresh fruit to retain maximum nutritional

crispy sweet and sour fruit pieces, nutrition, good taste

plane will eat the food

enjoy first class cuisine

food sold in 43 countries in Cologne, Germany

ISM2010 German international confectionery fair

2010 Western U.S. International Natural Food Show

Anaheim, California,

secret hidden in the bag and hid behind the moment of surprise

easy cheers and happy journey laughter .......

pieces crisp, sweet and sour patches of good taste!

This is our hot products recommended to you,Gucci Handbags, taste good, hope you like are healthy snacks have been exported to Europe .....

just imported a very crisp, then that is a little sweet, finally a bit of sweet and sour .......

Maybe this is the flavor of life .......

Apple Chips
< br> piece of the crisp, sweet and sour taste good!

new concept of non-fried healthy eating do not get angry like the crisp,Designer Sunglasses, natural, like Hong

Fuji Apple Grade A no added sugar, no preservatives, no fat, no cholesterol, no artificial pigment, additive-free, low calorie, high fiber, each of the human body needs vitamin supplement C. Sweet and sour is not afraid of high quality fat

Fuji Apples, sliced, vacuum dehydration refined to maximize the retention of nutrients

apple flavors: Original (natural)

Usage: Open the package ready.

Tip: If after opening soft, can be placed in the freezer for 10 minutes,Manolo Blahnik Shoes, immediate resumption of crisp and delicious. Stir in milk or cheese can be ready to serve healthy food!

Ingredients: Fresh Fuji apple vitamin C

Net Weight: 10g

10g apple slices = 150g fresh apple

consumer groups: high income, high consumption the level of urban white-collar workers, and pay attention to nutrition of children, the pursuit of nutritious and delicious, pay attention to quality of life.

white-collar women diet

10g apple slices = 150g fresh apple

According to the survey,Chanel Handbags, many to attend to diet, eat fast food or convenience food, resulting in nutritional imbalances. A long time will definitely affect health. There's

First of all,Coach Purses, pay attention to reducing fat intake. Eat less fried foods, to prevent excessive fat intake, resulting in increased body weight and lipid peroxides, reduced tolerance to activity. Standard fat intake of total calories should be 20 - 25%.

Secondly, vitamins (vitamin products, vitamin information) intake should be sufficient. Vitamin itself does not produce heat,Coach Outlet Store Online, but they are important components to maintain physiological functions, particularly brain and nerve metabolism. These vitamins in brown rice, whole wheat, soybeans and fresh vegetables rich in content. Antioxidant nutrients such as β-carotene, vitamin C (vitamin C products, vitamin C information), vitamin E (vitamin E products,Miu Miu Shoulder Bags, vitamin E information) will help improve work efficiency. As busy to make dietary vitamin intake is low, it may take some vitamin supplements to ensure a balanced level of vitamins.

In short, the brain and the body's normal activities depends largely on the quality of the food needed. Nutritional imbalance of the brain activity of an adverse effect, or even a Therefore,Prada Handbags Online, the

100% natural, no fat


If after opening soft, can be placed in the freezer for 10 minutes, and immediately resume crisp and delicious. Stir in milk or cheese can also be ready to serve healthy food!


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