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MBT Moja donne
Posted On 05/24/2011 22:26:11 by

combat obesity throughout life things to do in a given period of time can often overcome the prevention and treatment of obesity play a multiplier effect.

1. Fetus to 5 years old

growth during this period of life is the most productive period, if the pregnant woman or child nutrition at this time, it will stay hidden for later obesity. In particular, the fetus was born 30 weeks to 1 year is the proliferation of fat cells in the most active period, the number of fat cells due to the increase in reserves for life and not be reduced. In later years, especially once the excessive accumulation of heat, these fat cells will soon increase the lead to obesity. The results show that: 5 years of age if the obesity, heart disease risk factor will increase. Therefore, the

2. Puberty

girls 12-19 years old 13-20 years old boys will enter puberty MBT Moja donne, the body will occur striking changes in internal organs mature and normal development during this period , the average weight gain per year of about 5 kg, but this time also the most prone to obesity. According to reports :10-13-year-old children to 31 years of age who are overweight MBT Tunisha, 88% of women and 86% of men will continue to overweight. Adolescent obesity as adults, more than 50% of people of various diseases caused by obesity, death.

3.50-65 year-old middle-aged

During this period, less physical activity, if the adolescent continues to maintain strong appetite, will inevitably lead to excess calories into body fat deposition. Certain professionals such as athletes, pilots, once to the middle-aged manual workers to leave work Ed Hardy Knits/Tops, the amount of exercise to reduce the appetite unabated, obesity will soon.

4. Health recovery

convalescence or rest period after blood transfusion, or the original large amount of movement and then suddenly reduce the amount of exercise people are prone to obesity.

5. Dinner

many people are used to a very rich dinner, and sometimes for supper, knowing that this way of eating the most easily lead to obesity.

6. Winter

cold weather, the basal metabolic decline, but a lot of food can be ingested. Therefore, if not pay attention to activities, winter to spring and then to worry for obesity.

7. Wedding of

According to statistics, half of the new marriage, the bride and groom will increase the weight of 3000-5000 grams. This is because the wedding to reduce outdoor activities and sports result. In addition comprar zapatos mbt, the new marriage of food intake are often very rich Christian Louboutin Pumps, they also create the conditions for the obese.

8. Dieting repeated on

not seen many people gain weight after dieting down, out of disappointment right again to restore the appetite; or to obtain a certain effect with diet food, no continue to adhere to, stop taking it. Weight rebound will occur.

9. Job promotion of

soaring inevitably have to put a few tables when you celebrate at the same time a new job after the promotion will bring new pressures, leading to more or little nervous, easily lead to weight gain.

10. Lactating

postpartum lactating women called First reason is too lazy to take care of newborns and other activities; the other hand, intake of nutrition. According to statistics, 36% of obese women have started from post-natal weight gain.

11. Cessation of

about 85% of successful smoking cessation, weight will rise 5-7 kg, females in particular. Experts suggest that smoking cessation should be restrained during the urge to eat snacks, the best day to three meals a day to many meals, eat some time, regular meals to suppress hunger more.

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