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MBT Tembea 2. Smearing plant breast cream
Posted On 05/24/2011 22:25:57 by

maintenance is related to the chest the charm of a woman's life chest event

care about a woman's life

chest is the most representative body of women identified, we will find When men and women stand together, in fact, the largest differences or chest.

♀ men's point of view

physical appearance of women to men talking about psychological and physiological impact, many men will say, the chest is a man of psychological, physiological reaction, a part of the largest. When you see a very full in the chest from a chemical reaction will be, sometimes there will be congestion phenomenon. In fact, the different forms of breast Ed Hardy Knits/Tops, men's feelings will be different, such as times when a woman will often prefer to cuddle a man from the back, chest relatively plump women, men will think she has a sense of maturity; relatively tall and straight and if the elasticity of the chest Ed Hardy Kurz T-Shirts, the man feel energetic. Therefore, the relatively large female breasts and do not be complacent, but relatively flat chest women are not to be too low self-esteem, because the size of the chest is not really the most important, the flexibility of the chest and upright is the most important thing.

☆ every day Breast Massage

Breast teach you about a very practical approach, and now, Breast There are many ways, for example christian louboutin billig, through the beauty salon equipment Breast methods MBT Tembea, there are some quick breast through plastic surgery methods, but the most practical or massage every day! The following two actions if you can insist on doing 30 times each day, will effectively improve the elasticity of women's breasts, but also a long time to keep women upright chest.

1. In the massage, first to clean their skin;

2. Smearing plant breast cream, put his hands together, lift up your chest MBT Walk, up over 30 times inward ;

3. from the lower side of the axillary, the axillary fat inward pull up to the chest 30 times.


a bath every day when you can shower with a bath, showed a 25 degree angle from the bottom to the impact of his chest, with particular attention to water temperature is not too high. The chest is a need for maintenance of the little things every day, while it is attractive about a woman's life events.

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