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Today is the climax of time to lose weight, many people outside know that in addition to strengthening exercises to control diet, diet with science, but the immediate effect of this diet is still not obvious. May wish to learn about blood type, maybe because you do not know your own blood type food nemesis, only to master the appropriate food, fattening food may make you lose weight easier.

A, O blood type diet recommendations

O type blood in anthropology is a very old blood, digestive capacity, excess of food made with the immune system, so the recipe does not lack is the most animal protein, such as meat and fish, etc., they are also very strong digestion of vegetables.

for food: beef, lamb, fresh cheese, tofu, onion, radish, sweet potato, apple Birkenstock Rio, grapefruit, grapes, pears, watermelons, peaches, cod, herring and mackerel in the North Sea, etc. produced by fish containing more fat the most is recommended.

taboo food: the usual cereal and bread are advised to eat less food, because the O blood type and poor appetite for grains, these foods will hinder lectin blood type O metabolism, so that you unknowingly being fat.

diet food: marine shellfish, cabbage, spinach, lean meat, animal liver MBT Tunisha, seafood and green leafy vegetables. If you rely on grains, beans Ed Hardy Kurz T-Shirts, cabbage, potatoes, weight loss, it would be futile.

II, A blood type diet recommendations

A blood type is the second most common blood type MBT Tembea, compared with O-blood people, A blood type is weaker digestive organs much more.

for Food: A blood type ancestors were the first engaged in farming crops, rather adapt to a vegetarian diet, tofu, soybeans, eggs and vegetables, they are very suitable for some plant proteins such as soy protein is in their best health food, eat to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

taboo food: try to eat less meat. In addition, the cream and all kinds of cheese, ice cream, milk, plain milk as raw material in food should be limits.

diet food: olive oil, soybeans, green leafy vegetables and pineapple. As can increase the weight of food, non-meat, dairy products, beans and wheat, and other perfectly.

III, B blood type diet recommendations

and compared with O-and A-type, B type is later appeared on the blood of Anthropology. Such people are accustomed to the climate and other changes in the earliest nomads. Easier for blood type B to balance the body, with a strong immune system. Therefore, in food, has a unique, almost unlimited meat and vegetables are very adapt, dairy products are also useful.

for food: meat or in meat, cod, salmon and other better. Zeyi olive oil is excellent. Such people are more physically strong, of heart disease and cancer and many other modern disease resistant.

taboo food: shrimp, crab and chicken, also contains one of the B blood type lectin harmful, so try to avoid or better. Chicken, corn, tomatoes and most nuts and seeds are not suitable for B-type human consumption.

diet food: leafy green vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, yogurt.

fattening foods: potatoes, buckwheat, peanuts, sesame and wheat, blood type B person can lower metabolic rate, would eat the food stored in the form of fat; In addition, while the corn, corn pie, lentils, peanuts, sesame, wheat, bread, biscuits, also an increase in body weight effect.

IV, AB blood type diet recommendations

AB type is the latest emergence of the most rare blood type, of the total population of less than 5%. For the diet and changes in the environment can be resourceful. Some of these people have type A blood type B blood, and some of the features. They have to adapt to animal protein, plant protein has to adapt.

for food: the most suitable human AB blood group protein is lamb meat, eggs and seafood, especially the snail meat, the role of the prevention of breast cancer. In addition, the tofu is good food, but eat anyway. Fish, tofu, green leafy vegetables and dairy products is their health food. Also note that, A and B type blood type blood people should not be food, AB blood type who mostly are not easy to eat.

taboo food: the digestive system is weak, the digestive system more sensitive, should eat less each time Ed Hardy Knits/Tops, but can be more meals.

AB blood type diet may also refer to A type and B type.

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