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ralph lauren paris Inflation expectations and risk aversion led commodity trends _
Posted On 05/24/2011 05:41:23 by

operating proposals: Hujiao and thread has an integer off the second probe, 38000 and 4800 the price of two consecutive integers is tested and stabilized, it is recommended to do more dips, of course, see Good to income is also possible. Arbitrage opportunities between the plastic and the TA is relatively frequent, unilateral trend unclear circumstances, or more to do arbitrage, but we are still cautiously optimistic for the plastic, there are opportunities for 12,500 on the red. Intensification of the conflict to benefit from Libya, London, 1450 red gold with the possibility of even higher, the Shanghai Gold extended gains expected. Shanghai copper prices continue to tangle 73500-75500, buy low, sell high throw days to do, at the end positions held more than one can be patient; Shanghai aluminum line 106 is the first contract to play hedge buy 17000. Shanghai zinc has Powei suspect, if the test 103, 18000, it will be a rare spot buy, wait. Soybean oil and meal to go Bryn track is completely flat, the short term this Board Fabric difficult to change, based on the expected long-term bullish, may wish to buy dips and other opportunities. Ales corn rice and continue to hold more than one moderate. Cotton and sugar may still be biased upward trend, especially Chen Mian and Chen sugar contracts, proposed at the end positions determined to go to say a single empty sugar, cotton,ralph lauren paris, buy low and Cao Bang are still pursuing a strategy session to do. (Futures options Cinda Caine)

 Inflation expectations and risk aversion led commodity trends 

gold gapped higher, with crude oil has been boosted by geopolitical factors, long a strong faith, but also further increase of crude oil pushed up the inflation risk, so risk aversion, continue to be optimistic. Strong support in crude oil, petrochemicals rose varieties have different levels: PE better shape up,abercrombie outlet, the other species were present bottomed basic pattern. Hujiao walk, opening, trading is still mainly concentrated in the position to move forward on the contract, on the price bottomed, investors moved to the new warehouse is expected to form after the rising channel. After opening a wave of non-ferrous metal diving, all-day consolidation at a low level of prices, Shanghai copper slipped, Copper & continue to challenge in the context of million point mark, copper should not look empty. Steel was up, maintain low order, starting on the expectations of weakening demand for the decline, but spot prices continue to 阴跌,tory burchh outlet, the bottom has yet to be confirmed whether to set up. Suspension of the spot market decline, stock up on near the end, the cost is still strong, gradually weakened the power down. Current demand has not yet started, Zheng sugar affected by the outer disk open lower, higher intraday Zhu Bo, the amount can be small, some lowering of tariffs on imported sugar to suppress the formation of the rumors on the disk, the second bottom may remain. Limit relative to the U.S. again,burberry outlet, cotton, cotton prices seem modest Zheng, which is the pressure on the policy side, the overall difficulty is easy up or down. Rice,zapatos nike, wheat and other grains rose slightly higher than the inventory consumption makes gains weaker than external disk, but the overall trading range is not difficult to move. Oil Change slight shrinkage, cross-Star closing, prices are above the average of repression, short-term tendency to sideways. (New Lake futures Huang Xiaobo)

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