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trend forecasting
Posted On 04/14/2011 06:25:00 by
208Fashion in focus The afternoon of May 4, second floor, multi-functional conference hall venue, full of people, a lecture entitled "Global Winter 10/11 fashion trends and future direction of the spring and wholesale hats summer 2011," the theme of conference is being held here. The conference is a fashion trend forecasting WGSN's business, and this is that the world-renowned fashion trend forecasting agency's first release on shoes, fashion trend forecasting, trend after the agency released ma... Read More

Staged Bike Race
Posted On 01/25/2010 22:44:50 by VoteFamous
This Thursday from 9am to 11am we are looking for cyclists to participate in a staged bike race for an English instructional video. All we need them to do is act like they are waiting for a race to start. We would also need them to wear cycling gear and ride road bikes not mountain bikes. We chose Thursday because it will not be raining (God willing) unfortunately it starts raining on Saturday and Sunday. We only need one of the cyclists to be willing to speak on camera, which will be easy lines... Read More

ABC's New Crime Series "The Forgotten" Now Casting New Episode
Posted On 10/06/2009 20:44:15 by VoteFamous
"The Forgotten", the new crime-drama show from ABC, is now casting many roles for an upcoming episode from its current season which will film in Late October. 

From the producer of "National Treasure", this series stars Christian Slater as a former police officer who runs a group of amateur detectives called "The Forgotten Network". They attempt to solve crimes which the police have given up on. 

"The Forgotten" also co-stars Michelle Borth and Bob Stephenson. It is being written... Read More

Casting Call for RED One Shoot
Posted On 05/08/2009 19:30:50 by VideoProduction
casting call for two RED One projects. The first project is for a corporate video and the second one is for a music video. We will be shooting both projects this month and we will be casting for the below roles on Tuesday (May 12th) at our office from 10am to 12pm & 1pm to 4pm. Our office is locate at 5756 N. Marks Ave. Suite 170 - Fresno, CA on the S.E. corner of Bullard & Marks.   Corporate Video Casting:   1 Doctor 1 Secretary 3 Patients   Music Video Casting:   2 Fema... Read More

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