Subject: Sony HDW - F900
Content: The Sony Cine Alta borrows it's basic layout from the Sony HDW-700 and Digital Betacam camcorders. There are, however improvements over earlier efforts. Because of its outstanding picture quality and operational flexibility, the HDW-F900 has become the "Digital Movie Camera." What distinguishes the Cine Alta from Sony's HDW-700 camcorder is its ability to record at 24 progressive frames per second. This allows for a more seemless transfer to motion picture film without a 3:2 pulldown conversion. As well as recording at 24p, the Cine Alta is switchable to record at 25p, 30p, and at 50 and 60 Hz interlaced. This versitility makes the it the camera of choice for nearly any HD application. Moving images are digitally recorded to the CIF (Common Image Format) standard, which specifies a resolution of 1920 pixels horizontally by 1080 pixels vertically (1080i) Setup Card System Menu-driven camera set up, pioneered by Sony, has become widely accepted among Cinematographers and, naturally, has been adopted for the Cine Alta. Replacing the Setup Card for the storage of parameters is the Sony Memory Stick. The introduction of this medium promises a greatly expanded and exciting range of operational features. The director of photography, once having established a setup can store the parameters on their own card. Now you can "take the look with you." Accessories The Cine Alta accepts a complete range of motion picture accessories including: Matte Boxes from 4x4 to 6.6x6.6 size Follow Focus Systems , Studio or Handheld Zoom Controls, including Preston's Microforce The Cine Alta may utilize many of our exotic lenses including: Century or Arriflex Swing and Tilt / Shift lenses. Century- Canon and Nikon telephotos 200-800mm and beyond Cinemagic Cinewand probe lens Mesmerizer and more. The HDW-F900 Compatable with all our support systems such as: Steadicam Power Pod remote control head Super Panther Dolly and Jibs Weaver / Steadman 3 axis head Arrihead, Arrihead II and mini Worral geared head.